For the past several years, 3rd-grade students enrolled in Munster, IN schools, both public and parochial, have benefited from a literacy project sponsored by the Munster Rotary Club.
A handful of Munster Rotarians recently helped present "A Student’s Dictionary & Gazetteer" to nearly 350 students and their teachers. The excitement generated by these dictionaries is palpable, a sentiment echoed by their teachers. According to Munster Rotarian Linda Dunn, “The Dictionary Project is one of the most satisfying projects I’ve been associated with in my 17 years as a Rotarian. It’s a tremendous resource that helps expand students’ knowledge of the English language, geography, American history, and more.”
Our Club takes tremendous pride in contributing to the education of our youth. Thanks, Linda Dunn, for leading our efforts in the Dictionary Project over the years. Thanks to all Munster Rotarians, for labeling and distributing the Dictionaries.