The program on the 24th is a tour of Purdue Calumet's Center for Innovation through Visualization and Stimulation sponsored by Wendell Carey of Gary Rotary.  Our own Dan Hendricks will say a few words prior to the tour.

CIVS is a multidisciplinary center that combines advanced simulation techniques with 3-D visualization and virtual reality technologies. Using the center’s resources, it is possible to see and interact with complex data in ways that are beneficial for experts, yet also understandable by audiences of many different backgrounds. The technology and resources at CIVS are currently being used to solve many different university research problems, industry issues, and community problems, as well as offering new possibilities for education and training.

CIVS is continuing the development and implementation of cutting edge simulations, computer graphics, advanced visualization, and computing technology to serve faculty, staff, and students of Purdue Calumet, as well as industry and the community.