Nancy says at Trimboli Chiropractic, we bring to people, young and old, the knowledge and power of Chiropractic so that they may get their greatest enjoyment out of life.

Since 1993, Dr. Trimboli has been bringing the power of Chiropractic to Northwest Indiana. Their first priority is helping their patients with the pain and symptoms. They focus first on the actual cause of your pain, then work to stabilize the underlying cause. Then they utilize their extensive array of techniques such as Thompson Drop, Motion Palpation, Activator, Markey Distraction Techniques and Nimmo to help you stay pain free and avoid using medications or invasive surgical procedures.


Chiropractic Services offered by Nancy and her staff:

•    Chiropractic adjustments using effective, gentle low force technique "No Popping"
•    10 minute Spot Massage
•    Cold Laser Therapy
•    Diagnostic Digital x-ray imaging
•    Nutritional counseling
•    Massage therapy
•    Stress management
•    Scoliosis and postural evaluations
•    Spinal stretching and strengthening physical therapy
•    One on one exercise instruction