Rotarian Dawn Johnson will speak to the Munster Rotary Club on January 18th regarding the water filtration project and the cholera  epidemic in Haiti.

The Munster Rotary Club has partnered with Dawn Johnson and the Rotary Club of Verrettes Haiti on two very important projects over the last few years.  The first was the installation of in-home water filtration systems that turn water into safe, potable water for drinking, cooking, etc.  260 filters were installed and have been working effectively protecting those families that have them from disease.  Some 1300+ individuals in those home are safe because of our project. 

During and after the terrible earthquake the filters did their job.  However, for a variety of reasons, more contamination occurred after the earthquake in rivers and streams as people gathered in literal tent cities.  A cholera epidemic broke out and over 3700  Haitians have died and over 58,000 have been sickened.

At the very beginning of the outbreak Dawn requested that the money left over from our water filtration project ($1100) be allowed to be used to "get the word out" about what to do to avoid contracting the cholera.  That transfer of funds was rapidly approved by our club, our District and The Rotary Foundation.  However, a Munster Rotary Board member suggested to President Dave that our club immediately donate an additional $1000 for this cause.  The Board approved this wonderful idea and Dawn and her Club knew they had these funds to work with.

Our work by providing the 260 filters "saved" many from the cholera and our $1000 likely saved many, many others because of the education that was enabled by our donation.

Please come to hear Dawn talk about these and other events in Haiti and the Rotary Club of Verrettes.