On Tuesday, December 7th Chancellor Cohen addressed  the Munster Rotary Club and talked about the change in strategic direction that has occurred over the last decade at Purdue Calumet.  These changes involve faculty, curriculum and students.

Faculty have been engaged in meaningful contributions in the community that relate to subjects in the classroom.  These topic areas allow students to accomplish research that both increases their education but makes meaningful contribution to the community.

PUC students are better these days as the average SAT scores have been consistently raised 50 porints each year.  Students not able to gain access to PUC are often given access to Ivy Tech were they car start their college education.  Students now also have the opportunity

Howard Cohen, who as Purdue University Calumet chancellor has presided over record enrollment, the introduction of campus student housing, an innovative experiential learning initiative, strategies to advance student success and degree attainment, plus a more engaged university role in Northwest Indiana will step down next June 30.

Cohen, 66, has headed Purdue Calumet the past nine years.   He plans to remain at Purdue Calumet as a faculty member in the Department of English and Philosophy.

"This university has been a great source of pride for me," Cohen told his campus audience. "It has been my conviction that we are working in the most challenging and interesting sector in American higher education…If our country's future depends on expanding the proportion of our citizenry with post-secondary degrees, we regional universities are the best positioned agents of this national priority."

Howard Cohen"Purdue Calumet has seen great success under Chancellor Cohen's leadership," Purdue University President Cordova said. "He has taken the campus to a new level. He helped Calumet form a new vision for educational excellence; under his tenure campus-based research and private philanthropy have increased greatly. I applaud his commitment to students and his work in contributing to the economic growth of Northwest Indiana.

"Howard is enormously respected by both Purdue and the Calumet community as a strong proponent of the role of the regional university. On behalf of the entire Purdue system, I thank him for his tremendous leadership."

Chancellor Cohen will address the Munster Rotary Club this Tuesday!